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Symmetrical Chess Collection

Various games invented 2002-2003 by Derek Nalls.
Various games implemented 2002-2003 by Derek Nalls and L. Lynn Smith.

Special thanks to Ed van Zon and Jens Markmann along the way.

All of the chess-related games in this collection are played upon boards which, with the pieces for each of the 2 players set to their opening positions, maintain perfect bilateral, geometrical symmetry via vertical and horizontal axes.

I welcome thoughtful, constructive correspondence from anyone.

Please report any errors or inefficiencies observed or discovered thru playing my games or upon examining their programming (*.zrf).

Derek Nalls

Symmetrical Chess Collection

45 unique games
45 variants total

  • Diamond Chess I
  • Diamond Chess II
  • Butterfly Chess
  • Diamond Bottleneck Chess
  • Diamond Sculpture Chess
  • Ultra Diamond Chess
  • Wing Chess
  • Quad Corner Chess
  • ZZ Intersection Chess I
  • ZZ Intersection Chess II
  • ZZ Jackhammer Chess
  • Island Diamond Chess
  • Island Hex Chess
  • Double Hex Chess
  • Field Chess
  • Centrifuge Chess
  • Hourglass Chess
  • Skyscraper Chess
  • ZZ Skyscraper Chess
  • Parallel Chess
  • ZZ Perpendicular Chess
  • ZZ Drag Race Chess
  • ZZ Infinity Chess
  • ZZ I-Beam Chess
  • Diamond Bridge Chess
  • Diamond Quadrature Chess
  • Butterfly Quadrature Chess
  • Diamond Orbit Chess
  • Diamond Frame Chess
  • Butterfly Frame Chess
  • Diamond Iceberg Chess
  • Diamond Iceberg Bridge Chess
  • Diamond Iceberg Quadrature Chess
  • Butterfly Iceberg Quadrature Chess
  • Rooks-Grid Chess
  • Bishops-Grid Chess
  • Saber Diamond Chess
  • Saber Diamond Sculpture Chess
  • Diamond Ramp Chess
  • Diamond Dangerous Entry Chess
  • Diamond Vice Chess
  • Double Diamond Vice Chess
  • Diamond Portal Chess I
  • Diamond Portal Chess II
  • Diamond Spatial Chess

Click here to download the Zillions of Games implementation of these games.