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Corner Chess 10 x 10

Corner Chess 10 x 10 has several remarkable qualities:

Game stability and a very small first-move advantage are assured due to:

Corner Chess 10 x 10 is ready to be played, analyzed, enjoyed against computer and/or human opponents.

Zillions Saved Game (played thru 32 moves) DSN vs. Computer (9-ply search completion)

White- DSN (stupid human)
Black- Computer (using Zillions 1.11)

Download the saved game "Ivs9-ply.zsg", place it in the main Zillions directory, "open saved game" and replay through the moves. Prerequisite is the game rules file "corner10.zrf" (downloadable below) being in the "rules" directory.

Click here to download the Zillions of Games implementation of this game.

Written by Derek Nalls.
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