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Since 2014, I decided to do what I like the most in life, games. As a fightiong game player, my first choice for a game to design was a fighting game. The result was an interesting game system but when I started thinking about all the resources I would need to start, work and finish that game, I realised that it would be better if I start with something less resourceful. While I was doing research in game design in fighting games, I discovered Sirlin website and Chess 2. I read the rules and started playing it, loving the idea of different armies to choose from before the game like in fighting games.The more I played Chess2 the more I realised that it had a lot of good ideas. But it feel to me that somethings were off : There was a lot more that could be add to the old chess than that. So I started working on a variant. I asked 3 questions to myself. What things I can add to chess universe : 1) that would satisfy my frustrations as a casual player and a fan 2) that are cool, original, simple and fun to understand 3) that could please to a maximum of players But the most important thing in my eyes was to follow the spirit of old chess, so that every player could feel at home while playing it. I started with an objective of 5 new sets and it became 10 sets as the designing process was ongoing. With the old chess set, there were 11 sets in total. Hence the name of the variant.


See [CHECK 11 rulebook] !


See [CHECK 11 rulebook] !


See [CHECK 11 rulebook] !


For more (larger introduction, basic strategy, gameplay samples,...) check my blog at!

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By Paul Thierry TESSA.
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