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IHCF (state on 22 august 1998)

IHCF (the International Hexagonal Chess Foundation) was founded in London on 18 august 1980. Reorganized in Minsk on 17 august 1996.

Leadership of IHCF

President of IHCF: Gados Laszlo

1143, Budapest, Adria setany 4/B. I/1
Telefon/Fax: 36-1-221-41-50
E-mail: (email removed contact us for address)

Vice-president IHCF: Marek Mackowiak (Qualify commission)

Poland, 61-116 Poznan, Tomickiego 14/4

Vice-president IHCF: Sergej Korchitsky (International relation commission)

Belarus, 220068
r.Muhck, d.Webyehko, 4-24

Vice-president IHCF: Jury Emeliashin (Asiatic section

650099, r. Kemeposo, np.Cobetckuu, 28-59
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