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Probleemblad - Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden

The Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden (Dutch Chess Problem Society) is the Dutch organization for chess problem composers and solvers. It is part of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Schaakbond (Dutch Chess Federation), which is in turn part of FIDE.

The NBvS has a bimonthly magazine called Probleemblad - a professional looking magazine, which recently received a `facelift'. It contains many chess problems - most of them originals, divided into the following categories: mate in two moves, mate in three or more moves, helpmates, fairy chess problems, retrograde analysis problems, selfmates, and endgame studies. In addition, there is information on events, discussions about certain themes, etc. For instance, the issue I received (July/August 1997) contains, among others, an article on `Chromatic Triplets' (three-part problems in which the second and third parts are obtained by replacing a white piece by its black and neutral counterparts, respectively), and an article on the outcome of the 5th WCCT - the World Chess Composition Tournament.

Probleemblad is primarily a Dutch language magazine, but caters to an international audience as well. Important articles, as well as problem desciptions and explanations of fairy conditions, are summarized in English, and comments by Dutch solvers on problems by foreign composers are translated into English. In addition, articles and awards written in English are not translated into Dutch. Those who do not speak Dutch will therefore be able to follow most of the contents, also because figurines are used in the notation (e.g., King e2 is given by showing a king symbol followed by letters e2.)

Subscriptions are actually cheaper for people outside the Netherlands than for Dutch people in case the latter are not already a member of the KNSB (the Dutch Chess Federation.) Foreign membership is 60 guilders a year - if you prefer to also become a member of the KNSB and receive their periodical SchaakMagazine, then you pay 86 guilders. Dutch members of the KNSB pay 55 guilders per year; for others, joining the NBvS includes KNSB membership, and costs 77,50 guilders (for which you receive both Probleemblad and SchaakMagazine.) Youth members have a discount.

Payment by Eurocheque or International Money order to treasurer Peter Bakker, W. de Zwijgerstraat 24, 2983 TS Ridderkerk, or to Postbank account nr. 431021 in the name of Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden.

For more information about the NBvS and Probleemblad, please contact one of the following people:

Dirk Borst ((email removed contact us for address)
Final editor of Probleemblad
Peter van den Heuvel ((email removed contact us for address)
Probleemblad section editor for helpmates and retrograde analysis
Koen Versmissen ((email removed contact us for address)
President of the NBvS
Johan de Boer (johan.deboer @, Boy Edgarstraat 96, 3069 ZA Rotterdam

Written by Hans Bodlaender, with thanks to Koen Versmissen for corrections and additional information. Note that this text is not an official document of the Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden, and that my only connection to this Bond is that of being a recent member.
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