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Building Chess

By Sergey Sirotkin


Building Chess starts with the board and initial setup of Martin Gardner's Minichess. Each turn, after moving a piece, a player then adds a square to the board.

Initial Board and Setup

Building Chess initial setup.


The game is conducted by rules of International Chess with the following changes:

The game is won by checkmating your opponent's King.


This game is an alternative to games in which after each move, a field is removed from the board (For example: Cheshire Cat Chess, or Atlantis Chess). It is possible to start the game using other initial boards (For example: Petty Chess, Limiting Chess, Chess - The Speed Game, etc.).

It has some similarity to other build-your-own board Chess variants such as Stochastic Chess or Choiss, but differs in that all pieces start on the board, and there is no seperate board-building phase.

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